Jewelry Restoration

Trust the knowledge, experience, and in-house jewelry workshop of Dianna Rae Jewelry to restore new life to your treasured jewelry.


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This Platinum engagement ring, from the late Edwardian era, has been worn by multiple generations of women. Along with nearly a hundred years of wear, dirt, and life, it also shows many previous repairs that have not held up well. The current owner asked Dianna Rae Jewelry to undo all of it, restore it’s original beauty, and make the ring ready for more generations to wear and adore.


The Dianna Rae Jewelry restoration process for this ring:

  1. To protect the ring for years to come, the worn and thin band was replaced with a new thicker and stronger band.
  2. Hand engraving was added to match and blend perfectly with the original engraving.
  3. To protect the diamond, more structure was added around and under the diamond.
  4. The top was reformed to undo damage and provide a uniform shape.
  5. The diamond was removed, cleaned, and reset using new hand crafted Platinum prongs.
  6. Mismatched and broken parts were replaced with hand fabricated components in solid Platinum.
  7. Original engraving and carved designs were cleaned up and enhanced.
  8. Hand milgrain details were recrafted to add the finishing touch.



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