Make Your Own Wedding Band

The story of Lesley making a custom wedding band for Matt her fiance.



Lesley originally came into Dianna Rae Jewelry looking for her own wedding band, knowing that we did custom work. As she looked into having Dianna Rae Jewelry design a custom matching wedding band, she was shown the design software. Having experience with programs similar to the one used here in the store as well as an interest in creating her own jewelry, she asked if Patrick offered any metalsmithing classes. Patrick then explained our new experience - to Make Your Own Wedding Band.

"I was beyond excited. I almost cried when Patrick told me the plans to have people make wedding bands. I am interested in metalsmithing but I work full time and this was the perfect way for me to learn the trade and make Matt's band on my time off."

Lesley was then able to set a date to come into the store after regular business hours to make Matt's 14 karat yellow gold wedding band.

“It's a story we can tell to our children and it means a whole lot more than just purchasing a band.”


"We had a blast! It was an evening that I will not forget. The night was very laid back and I learned so much from Patrick and the whole staff. We ended up with a ring that can be passed on from generation to generation." 

It meant a lot to Lesley to be given the opportunity to not only make a custom ring for Matt, but to be able to learn a few of the tools, tips, and tricks of being a jeweler. She left the store with plans to go home and use her new knowledge and skills to make more pieces of jewelry.

"I am a big fan of sentimental jewelry, I love pieces that mean something. So to make Matt's band means the world to me. It's a story that we can tell to our children and it means a whole lot more than just purchasing a band."

"My favorite part was having Matt present to watch me work..."



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