Modern Look and Priceless Heritage

The story of Robert's custom Cypress wood inlay wedding band designed and crafted exclusively for him.


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Jewelry always represents so much more than what it’s made of - even if that happens to be Cypress wood over 300 years old! As amazing as that sounds (because it is truly amazing!), the story of this custom Cypress wood inlay wedding band goes even deeper. When our new friend Rob first came into our store, he knew he always wanted to do some kind of project with a cherished piece of Cypress wood he had. But it wasn’t just any Cypress wood...

This rare and prized Peggy Cypress wood was actually reclaimed from the Mermentau River - a little southwest from here - a stretch of water flowing into the Gulf that Rob and his father fished together for years. Rob lost his father several years ago at an early age so this river holds so many treasured memories. The massive tree trunk that produced Rob’s portion of wood was approximately 5-6 feet across and 40 feet tall. The trunk was discovered and astonishingly retrieved from the Mermentau by someone Rob knew well - the father of a dear friend who was also lost far too early as a teenager. Rob was given his piece of this majestic Cypress tree as a special gift.

“I knew I didn't just want any ol’ ring out of a jewelry store.”


“I thank Dianna Rae and her staff for making my wish come true.”

The connection Rob has with this exact wood and this exact river is so deep within his own life. But he also looks far back into the past of the Louisiana land and water he loves. Rob shares…

“I am a big outdoorsman and into conservation in both our culture and our Louisiana land. When I asked Kate to marry me and she asked what type of ring I wanted, I knew I didn't just want any ol’ ring out of a jewelry store. I thank Dianna Rae and her staff for making my wish come true of designing a ring that holds so much meaning and history. I knew the over 300 year old Peggy Cypress was what I wanted to wear on my finger for the rest of my life. Cypress trees have a lot of meaning to me. It is a very durable wood that gave shelter to my French ancestors when settling here in Acadiana. I felt it was a gift from God and my ancestors giving back to me in some sort of way for treating this beautiful water, land, and culture with respect and dignity.”

We humbly stand back in awe at the power of jewelry.

What an incredible story and an incredible couple. Congratulations to them both!



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