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The story of Cameron and Brant Broussard, their young love, unique wedding set and stunning destination wedding.


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“To see it come to fruition was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. When I opened the box, I was breathless.” shares Monique Breaux, owner of Posh Exclusive Interiors, and well known National tastemaker located in Lafayette, Louisiana. She’s discussing her remarkable new Dianna Rae Jewelry custom creation. She continues “As an interior designer, I’ve always been able to envision things before they are actually made. So I didn’t think I would be so surprised, but what surprised me was the quality, the attention to detail. It was perfect.”

The details Monique is admiring are the rich color of the 18k Yellow Gold, the European style weighted band, the distinctive blue diamonds in the halo, the setting quality, the hand crafted textures and engraving, and the 36 perfectly placed diamonds at the intersections of the lattice work. Look closely. Yes, those are diamonds. Even with all of these beautiful details revealed up close, the ring also make a bold statement from across any room.

At the center of that statement is the large sky-blue Topaz that Monique already had in her collection. It was part of a ring her husband purchased while he was traveling in Brazil. “My husband said ‘I loved the stone and I just wanted you to have it.” recalls Monique. While they both loved the stone, the ring ultimately started spending more time in the drawer. “It would have sat indefinitely until I had the opportunity to do something with it with Dianna Rae Jewelry.” The combination of Monique’s sky-blue Topaz with blue diamonds was an inspired choice as she explains "The idea of taking my blue center gemstone and surrounding it with more blue in the diamonds; as a designer, I would have never really considered it. But when it was proposed to me as an idea and I was able to see it on screen, it was the perfect solution.”

“When I opened the box, I was breathless.”

Monique Breaux, owner of Posh Exclusive Interiors and connoisseur of beautiful things.

Monique Breaux, owner of Posh Exclusive Interiors and connoisseur of beautiful things.

“To see it on screen, it was the perfect solution.”

The visualization of design ideas she is talking about is at the heart of the Dianna Rae Jewelry custom design experience. From the artistry of hand sketches to the latest innovations in 3D design technology, we bring your custom jewelry design to life using a broad array of in-house capabilities. We take our time and work with you every step of the way. Your custom design experience includes expert education and consultation on every detail and decision. Monique adds “To wear it and know that you had input into it’s design, is amazing. You just feel like you are part of the jewelry. All the computerization and the other things you can do on the digital side are all very impressive. But then to see the old-world techniques used to accomplish it, makes it truly wonderful. I travel and am in New York all the time and go to the jewelry stores; but I’ve never been presented these options before. Putting all of these elements together is revolutionary.”

Monique's original ring mounting and hew new Dianna Rae Jewelry custom design.

Monique's original ring mounting and hew new Dianna Rae Jewelry custom design.

“You just feel like you are part of the jewelry.”

The exclusiveness of her unique ring is quite valuable to Monique. She captures it perfectly saying “Knowing it’s been made only for me makes the jewelry feel like a piece of history. It’s different than picking out something from a case where you have to ask ‘How many other people have tried on and bought this ring?’ But this is yours. No one has touched it. No one has tried it on. That takes it to a whole new level of uniqueness.”

Monique may be the only one that has one like it, but she’s not the only one who loves the ring. She explains “A lot of the compliments I get on the ring actually come from men. One said this is a piece so spectacular, it must be handed down to future generations. And that’s before they even take a closer look to see all the details. And after women see my ring and compliment it, the very next thing they do is start saying ‘Who can help me do something with this?' while looking at their own jewelry. Well, I know the answer.


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