Timeless Beauty and Priceless Heritage

The story of April’s classic pearl and diamond custom bracelet designed and crafted exclusively for her.


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It was just a casual mention while out to dinner when April said she “always wanted a three-strand pearl bracelet.” When the conversation moved on, she never thought much more about it. But her husband of almost 20 years had other plans.

Best plans aside, he knew with his busy profession, time would be a challenge. April later reveals “He would have given up without the help of Dianna and the ease of which the designs can be shared and collaborated on. I know that really helps him because he can not always be out of the office.” With our commitment to delivering the highest level of customer service, Dianna was able to personally meet him at his office for design consultation sessions.

“It was just perfection.”

But he needed more than convenience and a concierge-class level of service. He needed the bracelet to be truly remarkable. “I really felt like my husband really wanted me to have something special. He wanted it to be nice, but he also really wanted it to be special.” April shares. Dianna Rae Jewelry helped him take it to the next level, starting with the pearls themselves - saltwater Akoya pearls with beautiful color and luminance. Add to that the classic diamond bars, and you have an elegant and timeless look that April adds “Feels fresh and new even though it’s sort of a take on a vintage piece.”


“To get something made just for you is truly special.”

When surprised with the bracelet, April’s first impressions were that “It was just perfection. If I could have designed a bracelet myself, it would have been that exact bracelet.” But when she flipped it over, the true beauty and meaning was revealed in all of the personalized touches.

“What I love is, on the back of the bars, are our wedding anniversary and the names and birth dates of our two children.” When worn, the names are touching the wrist and are not able to be seen. But April knows they are there. Then on the visible side of the large clasp, a stylized “D” was added representing the first letter of their family name. April recognizes all of the customization saying “I can imagine this being an heirloom piece and passing it down to my daughter and her daughter. Those are the things that make it special and worthwhile. You’re creating a tradition just with a piece of jewelry.”


“I can imagine passing it down to my daughter and her daughter. You’re creating a tradition just with a piece of jewelry.”

Knowing it was created just for her, April shares “Dianna and her designers are so talented. To get something made just for you and just how you’d like it, is truly special. I don’t really follow a lot of trends and I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. What I do choose to wear, I want to stand apart from the crowd.”

April wears it frequently, as she says “With casual clothing as well. I don’t save it for just a night out.” And people certainly notice the bracelet and offer compliments. She continues “I can’t imagine anyone not loving it. It’s just beautiful.



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